Whether you want to stop by and help out for 30 minutes, a couple of hours, or want to come every weekend, we need you! Below are the current major activities that we are working through. Smaller items will be explained once you arrive.

Site Planning

It's a new year and we need to make sure that we are ready for it! We have the space for new plots and new projects and we would love to hear your ideas. The goal is to be efficient with our space, our crop plan, and our volunteers to get the best community impact. Let's make it happen!

Building improvements

In order to protect our crops in the greenhouse from the wind from Lake Michigan to elongate the growing season, our greenhouse needs some help. The major items are:

  • Fixing the door
  • Patching any holes

Farm land expantion

We are growing up and outwards! We need more space for more crops, more variety, and more fresh produce. The goal is to:

  • Even out the soil
  • Square out the planting areas
  • Plant the seeds per the plan

Chicago has been receiving a lot of rain lately and we want to spread that out over the dry days and not rely on city water. We need to build the system to both collect and distribute water when needed.

Rainwater harvesting

We are proud of what we have created with the community and we want the community to be proud to have us as a neighbor. We need help:

  • Collecting any trash
  • Planting flowering plants and greenery
  • Creating a place for all the tools, extra soil, pots, and other resources and putting them all there