Our Team

OTIS Fresh Farm could not be what it is without the great people that give their energy.


steve hughes

Steve is the founder of OTIS Fresh Farm and Market. He is a social entrepreneur whose vision is to bring food access and food education to the surrounding neighborhood and community at large.



PAOLA AGUIRRE is a city optimist; also an architectural and urban designer. Paola organizes OTIS' team of volunteers.

ELI LECHTER is a landscape architect by training and gardener by heart. He helps in the site planning and design for OTIS' Fresh Farm.

ANTHENA GORE is an engagement and impact strategist; also a sustainability enthusiastic and passionate community organizer. 

IAN WONG is a architecture student and young design leader; he helps to design, organize and build on-site improvements.

CONRAD JAHRLING is a mechanical engineer by training, and supports OTIS with communication tools and strategy.



our partners

We are the sum of all the people we work with and choose to do business with. We are proud to be in the good company of these groups to advance our mission and theirs.

Healthy Soil Compost

We rely on organic waste collection from a variety of sources. Healthy Soil Compost bring the nutrients our farm needs to thrive.

nature's little recyclers

Organic recycling and worm breeding go hand in hand to create the excellent soil conditions at OTIS Fresh Farm that makes organic food so delicious and good for you.